Pedro’s Coffee for Business


Whether a café, restaurant, hotel, institution, office or another interested party who shares our passion for the freshest coffee, we are eager to work with you. We aim to provide you with the finest and freshest single-origin coffee beans on the market and all the solutions you require in order for you and your customer to always sip on the perfect cup of Rwandan Coffee!

Roast 2 Order

We do not keep significant amounts of coffee on shelves waiting for the next order; only emergency stock for the customer that needs it urgently! That is why is we only roast when you place an order or when we expect it. How so, you ask?

We analyse your demand and consumption patterns for our coffee products so as to optimise our roasting and supply schedules to ensure peak freshness and full flavour. Thereafter, we’ll deliver a fresh order of award-winning Pedro’s Coffee beans straight to your door ourselves; directly from our hands to yours! Rest assured!

Tailored Service

No two relationships are the same, that is why we tailor our services individually so that we best know how to assist the customer. Whether you want your own private labelling or your own roast profile, our flexibility and transparency will help you match your customer preferences whilst exponentially growing as a business

Lease 2 Own

Our Lease 2 Own program is the ideal solution for businesses looking to high-cost coffee equipment such as commercial espresso machines and/or grinders as it alleviates the drastic cash flow constraints that often arise. We offer a commercial espresso machine + grinder package that includes regular maintenance, for a low monthly payment.